Superior Speed and Protection Captured in a Box

Alignment is the key to survival in modern day business enterprising. Becoming one with the ever-changing world is crucial for sustaining growth and prosperity among your corporate peers. Only those engaged with the latest trends of IT seem fit for long-term success and innovation. In 2018, infrastructure is far more advanced and compelling than ever before. Unfortunately, many organizations remain suspended in the limitations of yesterday’s technology.

With businesses under constant challenge to evolve with today’s technology, relief comes in the form of one dynamic, all-inclusive appliance. Consolidating your storage, computing, and networking into one all-purpose device, the hyper converged solution transforms your environment into one of simplicity.

Trending Into Superior Technology

Combining computing, networking, and storage into a single source allows companies to eliminate up to 90 percent1 of data center hardware. The results have been astounding, as data centers now operate with unprecedented levels of fluency, agility, and flexibility. Perhaps few pack the punch of the HPE SimpliVity, built on HPE ProLiant DL380 Gen10 servers, powered by Intel® Xeon® Scalable processors. Reaping the benefits of vintage performance and unbeatable cost savings, managers have aptly kept the focus off the downsides of hyper converged solutions. Why? Because there aren’t any.

The Ultimate Solution to Complex Infrastructure

When it comes to infrastructure, complex issues often require simple solutions. And the hyper converged appliance epitomizes simplicity, placing boundless operability and control at the user’s fingertips. With applications expanding at an alarming rate, IT departments struggle to keep pace with conventional data equipment and have pined for an effective, yet affordable, resolution. Enter the hyper converged appliance for loading your infrastructure with maximum speed and power, not to mention a host of alluring benefits:

Incomparable efficiency. Generating a virtual machine (VM) requires five simple clicks and performing firmware updates even fewer.

Enterprise storage utilization. Effective measuring of storage usage provides cost and performance insight.

Platform for modernization. Software intelligence provides a fitting migration toward composability and/or Software Defined Date Centers (SDDC).

HPE SimpliVity: A Staple of IT Excellence

Hyperconvergence is sweeping today’s businesses in the form of HPE SimpliVity, built on HPE ProLiant DL380 Gen10 servers, powered by Intel® Xeon® Scalable processors. Engineered for the most challenging workloads, HPE SimpliVity comes packaged with all the best-in-class features for optimizing your data operations:

Significant capacity savings. Deduplication and always-on compression capabilities ensure approximately 90 percent savings in data capacities.2

Ultimate storage performance. Inclusive flash-optimized storage arrays deliver unbeatable deployment speeds and flexibility.

Complex task automation. Performs comprehensive updates and validations to eliminate human error and vastly minimize downtime.

Dependable data protection. All-inclusive security module that provides solid backup and rapid disaster recovery.

Unrivaled cost efficiency. Offers a stellar 73 percent lower TCO1 and 35 percent savings per desktop3 when compared to rival solutions.

A Smart Approach to Simplification

For many IT organizations, it’s hard to fathom life before the hyper converged appliance. Compacting computing, networking, and storage into one centralized solution offers many upsides and virtually zero drawbacks. With apps growing and workloads intensifying, hyper converged systems can equip your business with unprecedented agility and scalability, all the while preserving your bottom line. While upgrading to superior infrastructure would seem a sizeable investment, hyper converged IT is surprisingly cost-conscious in both ownership and operations.

A sensible option for transitioning to hyper convergence, HPE SimpliVity, built on HPE ProLiant DL380, powered by Intel® Xeon® Scalable processors, is bundled with process automation, always-on compression, VM-centric management, and a data protection model that optimizes backup and restoral. Designed for the utmost simplicity, HPE SimpliVity seems the ideal vehicle for moving to an efficient, high-performance data center.

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