Professional Services

Professional Services

Professional IT Services: Expert Staff, On Demand; On Point; On Site

Does your organization have a small IT staff and need more on-site support? Do your technology needs expand periodically—during busy sales seasons, for example? Perhaps you are preparing for a big IT project and need technical expertise for planning or execution?

New Cyber Source’s IT experts are on-call to help you with all of those needs and more. If you’d prefer a permanent resource, we’ll even find you the perfect candidate.

With Professional Services from New Cyber Source, you enjoy the assistance of highly skilled technicians that possess significant experience with a variety of IT vendors, networks, systems, and architectures. They are consequently focused on the execution of superior IT programs that meet client requirements—and exceed expectations. Some of our services include:

Strategic Planning and Consulting
For organizations that will benefit from guidance for strategic planning, purchasing, and other high-level decision-making activities.

Problem Solving
Bringing in a New Cyber Source technical expert for troubleshooting and problem resolution is generally much faster and cost effective than allowing staff to tinker with systems. Our IT pros possess up-to-date certifications in varied IT protocols and disciplines, an effort that is difficult for in-house staff to match.

Turnkey Execution
If company specifications for an IT project require custom system design, architecture development, infrastructure deployment, personnel training, or other specialized expertise, we can supply an expert—or an entire group of them—to develop and/or execute your program.

Managed Services
Strategic, proactive outsourcing of IT management responsibilities and functions to leverage our expert skill and knowledge—and deliver measurable results. Targeted outcomes include operational improvement, expense reduction, increased resource utilization, and other bottom-line initiatives.

Professional Staffing with the Client in Mind
All our professional services are performed to support more than technology—they support the organization and its personnel, as well.

  • Seamless integration of our activities with client operations, accelerating results while minimizing client involvement.
  • Open communication and consistent feedback throughout the process, keeping every client informed.
  • Unrestricted resource allocation in pursuit of our primary goal: delivering the highest quality candidates available
  • A focus on quality with an eye for ROI, providing insightful talent that embrace employer priorities from Day One, from fast-tracking projects to controlling costs.
  • Comprehensive candidate vetting, including background screening, drug testing, and other candidate assessment best practices.

Enhance Your Technical Resources!

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