Cloud Solutions

Cloud Solutions

Rightsized Cloud Services to Meet the Most Demanding Requirements

With nearly 100% of enterprises using some form of cloud computing, and the digital transformation propelling more and bigger workloads to the cloud, the question becomes, how effectively and securely are they being managed? New Cyber Source works closely with the most respected cloud vendors to ensure our customers can answer, “At the highest level possible.”

From a small or midsized business (SMB) moving from basic cloud services to a fully configured environment, to a Fortune 500 firm uniting siloed cloud deployments, all organizations need to achieve similar operating goals. To ensure unconditional success, our cloud experts work closely with stakeholders to refine strategic goals and develop the optimal cloud solution for their specific needs.

Working with New Cyber Source, organizations achieve far greater security, scalability, elasticity and reliability than they ever could running a cage in a data center, with a lower cost of entry, easier operation, and centralized oversight and automation.

Security: Irrespective of an organization’s stated objectives, security must be the number one cloud priority. All our customers inherit the strictest possible security controls, which are built into our main cloud infrastructure and network architecture. They also benefit from ongoing threat detection, continuous monitoring, security assessments for cloud applications, and other targeted measures that further protect accounts and their workloads. Finally, our clients retain total control over their data. User-friendly tools enable them to decide precisely where data will be stored, and all information is always secured in use, in transit and at rest.

Compliance: A properly secured environment is the foundation of a compliant organization. We can toss around acronyms all day—GDPR, ISO, SEC, PCI DSS, SOC, and hundreds of other industry or country-specific standards to which our cloud adheres. Instead, consider this: if an attestation or certification matters to your business and its success, our clouds support it. Clients also have access to a portfolio of compliance reports and a host of governance-enabled features—and can rest easy knowing all their information is stored in a manner that further supports a secure and compliant cloud environment.

Hybrid Flexibility: Companies not ready or able to commit all their resources to a remote cloud have plenty of options. Whether to provide staged migration support for legacy IT systems or to meet compliance mandates for keeping certain data on premises, integrating on-premises infrastructure with cloud resources is one of our specialties. Our broad set of hybrid capabilities span storage, networking, security, application deployment, and management, regardless of your current IT platforms or providers.

On-Site Services Expand Your Options

Build and optimize a hybrid environment by pairing our secure cloud environments with fortress-like protection for your on-premise systems.

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