Security Solutions

Security Solutions

Security Solutions to Ensure Your Business Survives…and Thrives

The incidence of data breaches is exploding, and experts predict breaches will only get bigger, hackers will become even smarter, and the volume of threat alerts and data will increase, driven by more attacks and attack vectors.

Even as organizations come to grips with this news—and the fact that no amount of knowledge or technology can prevent a breach, they also cannot afford to sacrifice productivity and operating agility. To help its clients address all these challenges with confidence, New Cyber Source has evaluated and hand-picked a collection of star performers in the security space.

Our targeted group of security solutions ensures you detect threats more quickly and respond more intelligently—without restricting your ability to innovate and prosper.

Advanced Email Security
Unlike many firms, we don’t install an email filtering program and walk away. We deploy a security technology called content disarm and reconstruction, which analyzes incoming emails and removes all elements that fail a stringent malware analysis. This approach is proven effective against the zero-day vulnerabilities that wreak havoc in even well-secured organizations. In addition, we train your personnel not to make the foolish mistakes that are a prime source of infection and breaches.

Advanced Malware Protection
Combining global threat intelligence, robust sandboxing, and real-time malware blocking, our malware solution also analyzes file activity across your united network (local and cloud network) to enable rapid detection, containment and removal of malware.

Endpoint Security
Our tools break the attack chain through multilayered security using a variety of tools including data encryption, data loss prevention, website blocking and others.

Firewall Management
Identify and block ransomware, encrypted attacks, phishing and other cyber threats with 24×7 log monitoring and management.

Managed Intrusion Detection
The world’s most sophisticated intrusion detection tools monitor your systems and networks continually, detecting identifying and sandboxing threats the moment they arrive.

Penetration Testing
In addition to our initial penetration testing, we perform ongoing “test attacks” to ensure your network and systems are still maintaining appropriate defenses and cannot be penetrated. If we find any weaknesses, we close them immediately.

Technical Staff Training
Training experts ensure your IT staff is up to speed on current security procedures, techniques and response protocols in the event of an intrusion.

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