Storage Solutions

Storage Solutions

Storage Solutions with So Little Downtime You’ll Miss It if You Blink

An IT environment is only as functional and reliable as its storage resources, and New Cyber Source has hand-picked the most innovative vendors to recommend for its clients. We have cultivated close relationships with each of these high-end storage providers, enabling us to stay abreast of their R&D to leverage evolving technologies and blast through established performance barriers.

Through these partnerships, we offer cradle-to-grave sales and support for an elite collection of storage devices. All of them feature groundbreaking functions that support extraordinary flexibility, reliability and performance—with surprisingly advantageous TCO.

Self-Healing Architecture
Software controlling the storage device regularly not only takes snapshots of data to restore in the event of file corruption; it also simulates restores of those snapshots to verify their viability. Should any incremental snapshot not contain restorable data or metadata, the corrupt data will be deleted, and subsequent incremental snapshots will rely on the most recent reliable snapshot.

Seven Nines Reliability
Moving beyond the traditional “five nines” reliability (99.999%; approximately five minutes per year of unplanned downtime), New Cyber Source offers storage from vendors such as Infinidat that have achieved “seven nines” reliability—99.9999999%, which is less than three seconds of unplanned downtime per year.

Ultimate Scalability
Many of our storage solutions support consolidation of multiple systems into a single rack with petabytes of effective capacity.

Simplified Management
Complex operations are simplified with the availability of an intuitive, user-friendly and familiar HTML-based interface. In many cases, complex tasks can be automated.

Bundled Software
Although all our storage solutions are compatible with third-party applications for operations as virtualization and backup/restore, many can come bundled with software purpose-built to work specifically with the storage device, boosting operating speed and efficiency.

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