Application Solutions

Application Solutions

Robust Applications for Every Business Operation…Today and Tomorrow

In a digital world, an organization and its personnel are only as capable and well equipped as the applications they run. New Cyber Source helps its clients identify, evaluate, deploy and manage today’s most effective communication, line of business and productivity applications. No longer able to rely on legacy applications and outdated, insecure software, business owners must adopt and manage next-generation applications if they wish to compete and thrive.

From hyper-secure email to asset management and beyond, we maintain an ongoing recommendation for core applications—products that are fully vetted and continually evaluated by our expert software teams. If another application will better serve your customers, streamline your operations and/or further your business goals, we can even help you identify it and maximize its value.

With our targeted business applications in your arsenal, your teams will realize higher productivity with more nimble response while you reduce costs and ensure operational control and security.

Office Productivity
In this area, we unreservedly recommend Microsoft Office 365; selling, configuring and hosting it for our clients and their teams. With impressive storage allocations (a terabyte for each user), both cloud-based and on-premise versions (up to five installations per user) of the world’s most widely adopted productivity suite, video conferencing, and myriad project management and team collaboration and communication tools, Office 365 has no equal.

Electronic Mail Applications, Migrations and Enhancements
For firms adopting Office 365, its built-in email client, Outlook, may provide sufficient operating security and functionality. For companies that need more of either—especially those in heavily regulated industries, we have identified even more advanced email applications that offer built-in eDiscovery features, enhanced archival and search capabilities, military-grade security and more. For every email platform we deploy, we also offer painless email migration services and add-on security features, including end-to-end encryption (including subjects, attachments and contacts) VPN-transmitted email and more.

IT Asset Management
Managing physical and digital assets, especially for companies with multiple dispersed locations, can be a nightmare. Yet, in today’s world, inadequately managed and secured assets can be an organization’s greatest vulnerabilities. Enjoy best-practices asset management with New Cyber Source and industry-leading tools such as Virima and Opmantek. Gain the benefits of streamlined discovery plus automatic dependency mapping for total control of hardware assets, configuration changes, software licenses and cloud environments.

GDPR and GRC (Governance, Risk Management and Compliance)
With both private and public sector entities seeing crippling fines and damage awards for failure to curtail risk and meet compliance mandates, GRC tools are literally saving companies. Now, with GDPR regulations piled on, as well, powerful automation and tracking tools and platforms are invaluable. New Cyber Source has offers a workhorse collection of solutions in both areas and can provide the management assistance to maintain them.

Compliment Application Use with Always-on IT.

Enhance user satisfaction while maximizing productive work time.

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