Network Solutions

Network Solutions

Intelligent Networks that Adapt to Their Environment—and Your Business

As companies move toward next-generation computing approaches such as software-defined, hyper-converged infrastructure (HCI), networks must keep pace. Whether our clients are ready to transition to HCI, preparing for a future deployment, or simply want the most easily managed, intelligent and reliable network available, New Cyber Source can match them with the best solution—and then help them install, configure and launch it.

Why Update Your Network, Now?

Traditional network architectures were not designed to handle the large volumes of high-bandwidth, rapid-fire traffic that increasingly travels across them. Always a potential bottleneck in any organization’s IT architecture, the network is also one of the greatest opportunities for dramatic, cost-effective improvement.

The demands placed on the network—by modern flash systems, streaming video and other high-bandwidth media, software-defined storage, and sophisticated file architectures—can dramatically impact performance and increase latency, which in turn reduces user operating efficiency. Add to that the burdens placed by ongoing backup operations, load rebalancing and other background activities, and the future is clear:

To optimize performance, modern networks must offer elasticity and low latency—and must be controlled by intelligent software that can effectively manage the constantly changing needs of storage.

Working with New Cyber Source, organizations can design and deploy a network that will meet current and future needs and adapt to changing conditions. Built with a software-definable, programmable fabric capable of dynamically allocating bandwidth—the fabric intelligently adjusts, in real time, to the needs of traffic and the loads placed by storage, data and applications. Data, application and storage workload traffic is intelligently, efficiently and securely distributed across the entire fabric, enabling the organization to use all of its network capacity, further maximizing productivity and ROI.

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