Infrastructure Solutions

Infrastructure Solutions

Simplified Infrastructure Solutions that Redefine Workplace Satisfaction

The days of dispersed servers and storage cobbled together with archaic, overloaded networks are long over. The growing demands of enterprise applications and corporate users have led to a much more efficient, practical approach: hyper-converged infrastructure. Leveraging the superior flexibility and elasticity of software, hyper-converged infrastructure integrates the four core functions of a modern data center—compute, store, network and virtualize—with intelligent software to create an inherently manageable, scalable, and highly agile infrastructure solution.

New Cyber Source has identified the most respected, accomplished vendors in this space, from HPE to Nutanix and Scale Computing, and works directly with them to build, deploy and configure a customized solution for each of our clients. The outcome is a 100% software-defined environment, with no dependency on proprietary hardware, that simplifies management and boosts security and operating ability.

Rapid Deployment
Infrastructure can be up and running in minutes, with the ability to scale on the fly to precisely meet application demands.

Hardware Agnostic
Solutions support a wide variety of different hardware platforms and can easily accommodate mixed environments.

Superior Performance
Hyperconverged software distributes operating functions across the entire cluster of resources to optimize performance and eliminate processing roadblocks.

Unprecedented Flexibility and Resilience
A single cluster can have unlimited nodes (individual resources), with each having differing amounts of storage, CPU and memory, supporting multiple concurrent workloads with maximum efficiency.

“Single Pane of Glass” Management
Hyper-converged infrastructure simplifies administration of resources by uniting them under a single view, eliminating the tangled web of individual management solutions for servers, storage networks, storage and virtualization.

Keep Systems Performing at Their Peak!

Even the best infrastructure platforms cannot withstand the ravages of careless user behaviors. Gain the security and support you need with our palette of add-on services.

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