State and Local Government Market

State and Local Government Market

Government Technology Solutions that Advance, Secure and Serve

The rapid acceleration of technology, from online permitting and land use requests to citizen-facing data portals—is changing the face of governance for municipalities as well as state and county governments and agencies. Add to this challenge rising constituent expectations, and evolving compliance and security mandates—especially around common legacy solutions such as email—and governments are struggling to get ahead of the game.

New Cyber Source specializes in helping governments squeeze maximum benefit from their investment by focusing on the heart of the matter—networks, cloud and on-premise infrastructure and the data they retain, and security.

From virtualizing legacy infrastructure to securing some of mankind’s most valuable—and vulnerable assets—New Cyber Source provides end-to-end assistance for upgrading and securing the assets and technologies whose compromise could literally cripple the nation. Recognizing that governments also retain massive volumes of data— much of which is intensely sensitive and proprietary—we offer a customized plan for staged cloud migration to hyper-secure environments.

In addition to securing assets and data from physical intrusion and disaster-based destruction, we also help governments modernize and manage their legacy networks, uniting local systems with the cloud resources in a secure hybrid set up.

Finally, we equip municipal, county and state governments with the tools they need to be productive and efficient in constituent service delivery—from powerful, secure email servers from companies such as Barracuda to electronic courts and public safety platforms.

Governments routinely see attacks in volumes most private sector firms can’t even imagine—hundreds of times greater than even the largest global enterprise. With attacks at such a scale, yet operations and service delivery remaining mission critical, governments can’t afford to rely on outdated technologies and poorly written and managed automation routines. New Cyber Source has the experience, the competency and the toolset to bring them into a much brighter future.

Government Products/Services

  • Security assessments
  • Network, infrastructure and storage design, deployment and management
  • Asset management
  • Managed IT services
  • Managed security services
  • Backup and disaster recovery
  • Electronic mail applications and migrations
  • Governance, risk and compliance management
  • GDPR assessments and upgrades
  • Office productivity platform deployment and management
  • Cloud (public; private; hybrid) design, hosting and migration
  • Fully managed email servers/appliances
  • Desktop and device management and security