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Smart, Affordable Technology Solutions to Protect the Future of Education

Understanding the importance of learning to the future of our children—and our society—when New Cyber Source works with an educational institution, we become a partner, not a vendor. That approach gives school leadership the ability to focus on what’s most important—educating students with the best and most affordable technology available today.

Our dynamic team has decades of experience designing IT programs for schools and providing solutions and support services for them. We also understand fiscal budgets and their cycles and are mindful of requirements and/or constraints that can impact institutional decision making.

When New Cyber Source approaches an educational engagement, we:

  • Listen to school leaders so we can understand their environment.
  • Evaluate their existing technology systems to obtain a meaningful baseline.
  • Develop and present recommendations for future needs.
  • Consider timelines when we develop the customized solutions program.
  • Prepare for the unexpected, and willingly make adjustments if requirements or target goals change.

Extending the Life of Your Equipment
Equipping students and faculty with the technology and equipment they need and then managing it cost-effectively through its lifecycle is a major challenge for educational institutions. As a cradle-to-grave technology provider, New Cyber Source offers a comprehensive maintenance program for equipment that has reached its official end of services life, yet may have years more usability.

Save as much as 90%, over time, on equipment and maintenance costs!

Educational institutions that sign up for our supplemental maintenance services not only save money on warranty support; they enjoy longer life for their equipment—a major bonus for cash-strapped learning institutions. They also have options, such as customizable service level agreements (SLAs) and coterminous contracts (where extended warranties on two connected or interdependent pieces of equipment conclude at the same time).

Our supplemental maintenance programs are flexible and customizable, with such enhanced benefits as no termination fees, help/service desk support, month to month agreements, and parts and tech support for maintenance staff.

Beyond Maintenance: IT Management and Security Services

In today’s world, schools are increasingly forced to address more than equipment reliability. Infrastructure for online learning, security for data, and other considerations are coming to the forefront of educational challenges.

If your students and faculty need to learn, explore, store, access or distribute it, New Cyber Source will ensure they do so quickly, easily and safely.

From building secure networks to support video surveillance and host learning systems and other high-bandwidth transmissions, to protecting online curricula, student information, test scores and other sensitive material with secure cloud environments, New Cyber Source also helps schools foster the highest possible level of safe productivity and accessibility.

Boost Productivity and Reduce Risk!

Eliminate unplanned downtime and IT stress with Managed Services.

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