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3P Maintenance

Post-Warranty Maintenance: Squeeze Every Penny of Value from Your Investment

Modern hardware and software from reputable manufacturers is generally well-designed and manufactured, yet the official “End of Service Life” (EOSL) is often long before a product’s usability has ended. EOSL doesn’t mean the product is about to fail—it simply means the original equipment manufacturer (OEM) will no longer service and support the asset under its original warranty. To maximize the usefulness and reliability of hardware or software that has reached its EOSL, New Cyber Source offers an industry-leading supplemental maintenance program.

Save up to 60% with New Cyber Source compared to manufacturer maintenance services and extended warranties!

Firms that sign up for our Maintenance Agreements not only save money on warranty support; they enjoy longer life for their equipment—which translates into greater ROI. They also have options, such as customizable service level agreements (SLAs) and coterminous contracts (where extended warranties on two connected or interdependent pieces of equipment conclude at the same time). And; because our firm has IT security experts on staff, we can even help you resolve issues with (or safely dispose of) legacy, out-of-warranty equipment such as networked printers!

Even when a product has reached its EOSL, New Cyber Source experts can often nurture a little more life and time out of the equipment. Whether a firm wants to maintain equipment and continue using it as long as it is sound and secure, or they just need to buy time while deciding whether to upgrade or replace, New Cyber Source’s Maintenance Agreements offer a cost-effective, practical solution.

Why New Cyber Source Is an Industry Leader in Maintenance Service

  • Bottom line savings of 40%-60%, on average, compared to OEM maintenance plans.
  • 24/7 concierge desk or web portal for assistance with OEM, supplemental and warranty maintenance agreements.
  • Adaptable SLA options, including 24/7, 8/5 and custom SLAs—parts and technical support only; month-to-month, and more
  • Budget analysis and management, including plans to re-purpose still useful assets, dispose of old or out-of-date units, or upgrade equipment—from a single piece of hardware to an entire data center.
  • Data center equipment evaluation and recommendations options for a solution that’s budget-friendly.
  • Flexible warranty options
  • Global parts and support network

Our motto is, “We do the right thing first,” and that commitment extends from the moment we begin analyzing existing equipment and warranties, through maintenance and life extension, until the last asset in the program is decommissioned.

Information Lifecycle Management (ILM)

New Cyber Source experts can also manage the lifecycle of data (and their storage devices) as it moves through its useful life, from, residing in memory or on disk to eventual archival. We work with all storage types—solid state or spinning disk, high-speed tape and other tape storage/backup systems.

  • Manage and maintain existing data storage to extend its useful life.
  • Recommend, install and configure new or upgraded storage equipment, including data transfer to the new devices with full backup for archival purposes.
  • Proper disposal of storage devices that have reached their end of service life (EoSL) with certificates of destruction.

Extract All the ROI from Your Equipment!

Extend functional lifespans with a third-party maintenance contract.

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